Everyone loves to feel love

Recently my husband and I moved into our new house (hopefully our forever home).  We were bowled over as our local community poured out buckets of love into our lives whether providing seed for the veggie garden, wood for the fireplace or a herb box for the kitchen.  We felt the love!  In fact, we felt like we needed buckets to catch the outpouring!  Thank you, everyone, for caring!

All of us everywhere (no exceptions) loves to feel love! 

So how can you and I share love? A hug – yes everyone need a hug (and they are free), a kind word of encouragement or a thoughtful gesture mean so much (and take so little). On a practical level we may be called to serve in our area perhaps you have a skill which you can help others with? (A doctor friend of mine mops hospital theatre floors once a month while her surgeon friends donate their time at a local hospital as volunteer nurses assist with each procedure). Others I know teach voluntarily and yet others visit the infirm. We don’t need a PhD in caring to do mopping, sharing or visiting we simply have to be available!     

So, as many of us now have Christmas on our radar, its time not to just plan for our own needs but perhaps it’s a moment to think about others?  Especially those who are in desperate need and consider how we can make a difference.

Siphila Sonke is now collecting buckets filled with non- perishable goods to distribute to our registered beneficiaries.  Excitement mounts as these parcels are wrapped and made ready for the community.  What should I put in my container?  Staples like rice, maize, tea, coffee and sugar… something extravagant such as some sweets or cooldrink?  Perhaps soap, toothpaste and a face cloth.  What else – simply ask yourself, “What would I like to receive?” then pop that in.

Thank you for caring.

If you live in the Grabouw area we would be delighted if you could deliver your Bucket of Love to Trails End Bike Hotel www.trailsend.bike or call Tina on 021 859 0001 and she may be able to arrange collection. If you do not live locally but want to bless others you can simply donate the cost of a gift directly marking your deposit as “buckets of love”.   

Let’s spread the love – buckets of it!  


Rona MillerComment