Other assistance

helping where we can

Our Siphila Sonke Staff and Volunteers try to support Beneficiaries and their families in whatever way we can.

The following is some of the additional assistance that we provide:

  • Encouraging and helping beneficiaries to apply for their disability grants, as well as any other government grant that they may be eligible for, e.g. childcare, war veterans, fostercare
  • Helping Beneficiaries apply for their or their children’s Birth Certificates and ID documents
  • Assisting with waterproofing of shacks
  • Providing suitable second-hand clothing
  • Providing school uniforms for children and encouraging them to go to school
  • Referring Beneficiaries or family members to other local community organisations (such as Child Welfare, ABBA Family Counselling Centre, Thembacare Hospice and Isibindi) when they require assistance that is best provided by one of these other community organisations.

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