Pumla-success-story-2011-webPumla and her husband were both in very poor health when they were referred to Siphila Sonke by the Themba Care Hospice. They lived with their baby son in an area known as “The Barracks’ because they were disused Eskom barracks which had been subdivided into dark, dingy rooms each housing a family. There were one or two communal taps and toilets.

Pumla was invited to join the Siphila Sonke Support Group and the family were given regular food parcels and assisted with the Child Grant and their own Disability Grants. The improved nutrition helped Pumla significantly and she blossomed into a popular, active member of the Support Group.

Sadly Pumla’s husband died whilst travelling home to the Eastern Cape. Upon her return her colleagues really embraced her situation and quite spontaneously reached out to her in song, in visits and in love. Pumla was pregnant at the time and during the end of her pregnancy became very weak, ill and vulnerable. Through Siphila Sonke’s support, Pumla recovered.

Support Group Sewing 2Today Pumla is well enough to be a full time, income-earning member of the Support Group, marketing the goods made at the local Farmers Market at Christmas time. She is extremely creative when it comes to beading and sewing. Her Baby is now a healthy child attending a pre-school.