Stories of Hope

“Hope is like a road in the country. There wasn’t ever a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence”




Matsapang is a single (separated) mother of four who has come out of a very abusive relationship and is very ill with T.B.

During October 2010 she came to the attention of Siphila Sonke’s when she had been released from hospital having suffered a collapsed lung from her TB.

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Jack and Sabina

Jack and Sabina were referred to Siphila Sonke in January 2009 by the Thembacare Hospice. They were both very ill with TB and had no income.

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Pumla and her husband were both in very poor health when they were referred to Siphila Sonke by the Thembacare Hospice.

They lived with their baby son in an area known as “The Barracks’ because they were disused military barracks which had been subdivided into dark, dingy rooms each housing a family.

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Nomakhaya is a 56 year-old grandmother with one remaining school-going child of 12 called Mesuli. Life was all on track for Nomakhaya living quietly at her traditional home …

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At the beginning of the year during home visits to a beneficiary, a woman suffering from Tuberculosis, our fieldworkers noticed a healthy 13 year old boy always at home. After some enquiries it was found that Siyabonga had no Birth Certificate which is a prerequisite for school acceptance.

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