Siphila Sonke’s work would not be possible without the generous support of a number of churches, organisations, trusts and individuals, both locally and internationally.  Our grateful thanks to you all.

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Siphila Sonke is extremely fortunate to enjoy the support of 35 – 40 volunteers from the larger Grabouw / Elgin Community. The volunteers help in a number of different ways.  A big thank you to all Volunteers who generously give their time, skills and resources to support Siphila Sonke in such a variety of ways – it all makes a huge difference!

If you would like to become a Siphila Sonke Volunteer, please go to Help Us

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A key success factor for Siphila Sonke is the networking that we do with the local clinic and other community organisations in the area.  We are extremely grateful to these organisations for their partnering, assistance and support as it is only through working together that we are able to provide holistic support to the families we help.

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